Internal Mission - 2 G-1As and a YV-666 [Ratzus Hyde]

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Internal Mission - 2 G-1As and a YV-666 [Ratzus Hyde]

Post by Kez Aak on Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:32 pm

Hey Ratzus!

Welcome to Endless Endeavors, very excited and honored to have you with us!

We are going to start you off with picking up a few idle Endless ships hanging around our HQ.

After stopping by our T2 to pickup some gear, please see the following:

Once you are all fitted out with equipment, please head to a yt-2k I assigned you in Foless here:
Sector: Duluur
System: Foless (30, -94)
System Position: (0, 0)

You can leave your N-1 there and board the YT-2k.

Then, please engage hyper in the 2k to the first G-1A fighter here:
Sector: Bormea
System: Chandrila (5, 100)
System Position: (0, 0)

Please squad with the G-1A (link below and I can walk you through it on discord) and head to the second G-1A here:
*Note that when squadding, ships go at the speed of the slower ship. Thus in the first trip, you went at the yt-2ks hyper 7, now you will go at the g-1a's hyper 6 (still fast! Very Happy)

The second G-1A is located here:
Sector: Farlax
System: N`zoth (-70, 64)
Planet Orbit: D`Pur (4, 4)
*Please add this ship to your squad as well.
*Note that a full squad is 12.0 party slots. Each ship has their own unique amount of party slots it takes up. The YT-2k is 4.0 slots. The G-1A is 1.0 party slot each. So now your squad is at 6.0 party slots and has room for 6.0 more slots worth.

Now, please take the YT-2k and 2 G-1As in a squad to a YV-666 we have here:
Sector: Renillis
System: Mechis (29, -147)
System Position: (14, 15)
Please dock the YT-2k and G-1As into the YV-666. Pilot the YV-666 back to base here:

Sector: Duluur
System: Foless (30, -94)
System Position: (0, 0)

Here are some helpful links: <- This is what you will do with the smaller ships when you get to the yt-2k as it has a docking bay and takes up 12.0 party slots. <- YT-2000 <- YV-666 <- G-1A

Please let me know if you have any questions, etc Smile

Here are some more Endless related helpful links:

*I decided on this mission over a client one because it will bring you right back to Foless where you can get force tested by Emerson. Please see and sign-up on this thread.

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions!
Kez Aak

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Re: Internal Mission - 2 G-1As and a YV-666 [Ratzus Hyde]

Post by RatzusHyde on Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:06 pm

Handle: Ratzus Hyde
Mission:Collect 2 G-1A's and a YV-666
Status of mission (what are you currently doing/working on):Preparing hyper to go to Mechis.
Ship(s) Using: YT-2000 and 2 G-1A's
Current Location: N'Zoth, D'Pur
ETA for current task:26 minutes
Last time communicated with client (if an external job): Internal Job
Anticipated Completion date of mission:2-3 Days
Comments/Questions: None currently


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